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Model S100-1 -  Century (1960 ?)


Electrical selector
Pictures by courtesy of Hervé Maîtres, info by Tony Holmes

The original machines were spin wheel manual selection. Because of the glass panel in the front you could not fit an electric select button bank or it would block the illumination. The selection system on this machine has in my opinion been made up using the original spin wheel control box chassis and a bit of a home made wiper system that is not standard to anything.
The S100 did not have the small control relay box on the mech instead the scan and service switches are mounted on brackets inside the cabinet. Also the start and scan unit did not have a popularity counter assembly on the S100 and this is like that on this one also but with a bit of extra mechanism that again is home made. The other peculiarity with the S100 was the Amplifier had a built in power supply to drive the mechanism like the Bal-ami Junior.

S100-1 -  Century (1960 ?)

BAL-AMI S-100 - Century

BAL-AMI S-100 - Century

BAL-AMI S-100 - Century

BAL-AMI S-100 - Century

BAL-AMI S-100 - Century


The history of this model is pretty much unknown.  Like the ID plate tells it was build by BAL-AMI in England. So far only three S-100 Century models are known of and there are two theories: Either they were build in England for the French market or they were assembled in France. If anyone knows more please get in touch with us or with the owner of this jukebox: Hervé Maîtres.  Any help will be appreciated.


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