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Model S-100 / Super 100 (1960)


Courtesy of John Johnson at JJ's BAL-AMI Website and Tony Holmes

S-100 / Super 100
BAL-AMI Super 100M

BAL-AMI Super 100M














Original design: Electrical selector – keyboard


Modified Design: Manual selector
Jukebox modified with an AMI H 200 selection mechanism



Super 100 umgebaut als Super 120   |   Super 100 converted to Super 120 by Tony Holmes ca. 1997
The Super 120 started life as a standard S100 and 15 years or so ago it was systematically stripped for parts by a well known jukebox dealer in the Midlands. There was not a lot left no screen no castings for the button bank no mechanism or amp but it did have all the cabinet and the lower trims and the base for mounting the mech.
I have had it lying around ever since and decided to do something with it having been unsuccessful at finding all the missing bits I decided to use an H120 hideaway. I had a set of button bank castings and a screen from an I 200 (perspex) and the rest of the bits I had around mainly for the model H so I decided to go with all H trims. All the parts are standard Ami or Bal-ami, new push buttons and other trims fitted also the whole system is UK 240 volt 50 hertz the front glass was re printed Super 120 in the style of the Super 40 deluxe.
The whole thing took about 5 months to build and it sounds awesome now,  electric select not spin wheel makes it quite unique.
BAL-AMI Super 120

BAL-AMI Super 120

BAL-AMI Super 120 BAL-AMI Super 120

BAL-AMI Super 120

BAL-AMI Super 120


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