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Ditchburn Music Maker Telematic (1968)


Music Maker Telematic (1968)

Title strip holder, selection dial disc and the complete mechanism are taken from Telematic 200.

Ditchburn Music Maker

The logo is from plastic and says "DITCHBURN". The "grill" is solid wood and metal. The bass speaker is mounted on the floor of the cabinet, pointing downwards and the treble speakers are mounted at the top of  the back of the cabinet, pointing slightly upwards and towards the back.

Ditchburn Music Maker

Photos courtesy of Jason and Tony Holmes

Ditchburn Music Maker

Ditchburn Music Maker

Ditchburn Music Maker



The Story behind this model

These machines stacking up the workshop from 1966 or thereabouts and we could do nothing with them. The punters did not want them because they looked too old and Ditchburn did not want to scrap them because they were still far too goodto scrap.
Geoffrey Norman Ditchburn loved these machines. They were the first he imported from Germany in 1957 when the trade embargo was lifted and they were the only machines that never needed more than a new stylus every six months and they owed him nothing. But scrapping was out of the question so he asked for designs for a new cabinet to give them a new lease of life.
Of the three designs offered he chose one of which was modern and he set about producing the first ten cabinets in 1968, they were an immediate success. We had hit the right design at the right time so the rest were put in new cabinets.
You may or may not agree but it did give an excellent mechanism a new lease of life and made good commercial sense, they were offered for sale and quite a few were sold outright and others went for hire, not all the original cabinets were scrapped though until we sold out the company in 1972 when Gainsmead scrapped all Telematics in one stroke. They were the first machines to go, but at least we did give them another four years. They would still be going today, so if you have one of these machines look after it, be it in its original cabinet or in a Ditchburn cabinet they will go on for ever.
I believe the Telematic’s were the best jukebox ever produced bar none especially with the T31 or T32 amplifier, they were ultra reliable and if not messed with they would go on forever. We only had one engineer that looked after the selectors of these machines, an ex post office engineer and he looked after the Telematic from import in 1957 to the scrapping in 1972, by Gainsmead.

(C) Arthur Phillips 2014
Senior Audio Engineer, Ditchburn, Dock Road, Lytham, Lancashire, England, to 1973 company now sadly no longer in existence.


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