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Information by J. Poole: It was manufactured in the middle to late 1980s by a company called Atlas Coin based in Edgware in north west London.
It’s main markets were France, where it was distributed by Sadima-Phonex base in St. Ouen in Northern Paris, Belgium where it was distributed by Apollo in Brussels and French speaking Switzerland where it was distributed by a company in Sion. I was part of the team that designed it and the for technical support, training etc. in the above countries.

Information Gert Almind: Atlas Coin (parent company of Sound and Light Ltd.), Atlas House, High Street, Edgware.
The company was established 1983 in Australia (→1987) by Jim Donovan and Peter Clarke, two ex-directors of Aristocrat Automatics Ltd, the European subsidiary of the Australian slot machine manufacturer Ainsworth Leisure (founded 1933).
The LFM was developed in-house with the design of the microprocessor based control board subcontracted to a company called Pentica Ltd., Brighton Road, Croydon, established 1979 (→2012). The upper section of the LFM video box was in fact the Playmate Escort wallbox developed by Hazel Grove Music Co. Ltd. in Cheadle near Manchester.
The LFM video jukeboxes produced in Edgware and later Croydon were operated in UK pubs by Grand Metropolitan.
Atlas Coin later marketed a cheaper video jukebox, using modified domestic video recorders developed by Kegmatics Automation Ltd. owned by Kenneth Edward Groves (☼1927, †2019), and based in Titchfield in Hampshire (later Panache Automation Ltd.).
The French connection: J.-A. Phonex = Élysée (1977-2019) and Sadima (1983-2019), rue Godefroy, Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine, established by Yves-Joel Mony (☼1930).
The company Phonex was for many years a major importer and distributor of coin amusement machines in France, and in 2012 Ets. Phonex SA moved its HQ to rue de Clignancourt in Paris.

Elysee Vision (1980s)

Images par gentilesse de Chantal

Elysee Vision Video Jukebox

Elysee Vision Video Jukebox

Elysee Vision Video Jukebox

Hauteur 2 m 28 cm

Largeur 74 cm

Epaisseur 80 cm

Deux magnetoscopes vhs à l'interrieur


Elysee Vision Video Jukebox

Elysee Vision Video Jukebox

Elysee Vision Video Jukebox
Control Board made by Pentica in Croydon, UK


Music Video Box Jukebox Musikbox

LFM MVB1 - 48 selections

Photos par Olivier, FR
LFM = Light Fantastic Musicbox
Player: Betamax (=1/2" video cassette magnetic tape recording format MVB) with wallbox and speaker
Size: 210 x 71x 58 cm
Music Video Box Jukebox Musikbox

Music Video Box Jukebox Musikbox


Information by J. Poole:
The MVBH and MVB2 are, in fact, the versions of the  Atlas Coin Elysée Vision which were sold in markets outside of French speaking areas. They were mainly operated in the UK, especially in pubs owned by a UK company called Grand Metropolitan and its subsidiaries. It was called the LFM (Light Fantastic Musicbox). Incidentally, the upper section containing the title strips, selection buttons and displays in both the MVBH and MVB2 and Elysée was the Hazel Grove Playmate Escort wallbox, built into the cabinet.
The MVBH was just the control board, tape players, amplifier and psu from an LFM, built into a plain cabinet with audio outputs to external speakers, video output for external monitors and synchronous RS232 connections for interfacing to Hazel Grove wall boxes.
The concept was that of a “Hideaway” where the MVBH would be located in a back room and the speakers, monitors and wall boxes installed in the bar area.

LFM MVBH Hideaway Unit (1985s)

LFM MVB2 - 60 selections (1985s)

2 Panasonic VHS player, wallbox, wallspeaker,
remote volume control and monitor
LFM = Light Fantastic Musicbox
Size: 222 x 66 x 51 cm (incl. TV screen)

Music Video Box Jukebox Musikbox

2 Panasonic VHS player, wallbox, light-effect-box,
monitor is mounted to the cabinet
LFM = Light Fantastic Musicbox
Size: 217 x 74 x 63 cm (incl. TV screen)
Music Video Box Jukebox Musikbox


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