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Scopitone ST 16 (1960)   ***   Scopitone ST36 (1962)


Hersteller: Cameca
französische Filmbox mit 36 Wahlen
Vertrieb Deutschland: Helmut Rehbock
Vertrieb England: Ditchburn
Vertrieb USA: Scopitone, Inc.
Vertrieb Kanada: Gerard Thibault


Manufacturer: Cameca
French filmbox with 36 selections
German distributor: Helmut Rehbock
UK distributor: Ditchburn
US distributor: Scopitone, Inc.
Canadian distributor: Gerard Thibault


Fabricant: Cameca
télébox  francais avec 36 sélections
Distributeur allemand: Helmut Rehbock
Distributeur UK: Ditchburn
Distributeur US:  Scopitone, Inc.
Distributeur Canada:  Gerard Thibault

Scopitone Archive     ***    26 mm film for Jukeboxes (Danish jukebox-Archive)

Scopitone ST 16 (1960)

Cameca: Scopitone ST16

Billboard 28 - 12- 1992
Cameca: Scopitone ST16


Aschenbecher mit Scopitone Motiv     -     Ashtray with Scopitone motif
Photos courtesy of: David D.Cameca: Scopitone ST16
"Café de Krakele - Juke-Box - met Kleurenbeeld"     /     Café de Krakele - Juke-Box - with colour screen"

Café  de Krakele is a tearoom in Bruges, Belgium that still exists. In the Sixties it was a well known  place for Rock'n Roll dancing.



Scopitone ST 36 (1962)

Cameca: Scopitone ST36

Billboard 30. May 1964: "Scopitone, the French cinema jukebox soon to be manufactured in Chicago, will be shown at an "insiders" cocktail party and press preview in the Beau Nash Room of the Ambassador West Hotel Wednesday (27) aftrenoon.
U.S. licensing rights for the machine were recently acquired by Tel-A-Sign, a public held manufacturer of point-of-puchase advertising signs. ... Tel-A-Sign has indicated that it will be manufacturing Scopitone in its Chicago plant by the end of the year. Some 100 units are already in the U.S.. The firm expects to have some 1,700 on location within the next two years."

Billboard 8. Aug 1964: "A. A. Steiger, president of Tel-A-Sign, Inc. .... said that the coorporation's prospects were greatly improved by the acquisitation of 80 per cent of Scopitone , Inc..
Scopitone is the US licensee for the coin-operated, film-projecting juke box manufactured by Cameca Corporation, Paris. Steiger said Tel-A-Sign will start production of the units, which are currently imported, by January, and plans to make 10,000 a year by 1966. He said Scopitone has orders for the next five years from distributors for 6,000 machines worth $24,000,000."



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