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Gabel Modernized Cabinets by  Capitol Automatic Music Co., New York - 1934-37


So called aftermarket models
Sweet 16 (1934-35)

Gabel Entertainer Capitol Music Sweet 16

Entertainer (1935)

Gabel Entertainer Capitol Music Entertainer



Modernized Entertainer 1936-37
Jukebox Garage: "These two Entertainers are cabinets that match ads for the Capitol Automatic Music Co. in New York. They marketed cut down Entertainers that they apparently modernized themselves, from about June, 1936, to July of 1937."
Gabel Entertainer
  Amplifier: Operadio Model # 582-8, Serial #35855
Speaker: Jenson, Alnico5.
Turntable motor: Emerson
There are 3 red lightbulbs near the top of inside cabinet.
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Gabel Entertainer Jukebox Musikbox


Gabel Entertainer Jukebox Musikbox


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