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Gabel: Gabelola (1916-1917)


24 selections, 10 and 12" records
"Twenty-four lateral cut records, both ten and twelve inch are placed in the instrument. A starting button is pressed and all of the records are played without the slightest attention by the owner. The idea is to enable the arrangement of an entire evening program which can be proceeded with without further attention, the host giving his time to his guests. Any one of the twenty-four records can be selected and played as desired by the manipulation of an unique selective device. The instrument can be operated by a switch from any room in the house. The instrument places a record on the playing disc, plays it, returns it to its place, at the same time placing another record on the playing disc, all without the touch of a hand. The tonal effects of the Gabel-Ola are excellent, and the case designs are decidedly artistic and symmetrical. They are finished finally in three attractive styles." (Source: Talking Machine World, 12/1916)


Gabel Gabel-ola


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