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Jacobs Novelty Company, Stevens Point, Wisconsin


Restyling Cabinets

616 & 616A (1939)

Wurlitzer 616 Jacobs Novelty Jukebox Phonograph

New Brilliance and Illumination FOR YOUR 616 MODELS

Make your 616's a thrilling eye-filling sight, a powerful magnet of attraction for the sale of todays favorite tunes, with this 1939 modern luxury light-up design, which capitalizes on color flash animation plus the great earning power for the leading locations in America. Never before, in the history of the music business, has such earning power been built into an automatic phonograph. Music merchants, act today, don't miss this great opportunity.

Equip your 616's with these beautiful walnut finished Louver Corners which are backed with a brilliant new red translucent plastic, which produces a light that is more attractive than any other light and visible from any angle, requiring only 30 watts for good illumination. The silvered silhouette on plastic in the door, when illuminated, produces blazing colors and gives an effect of unspeakable richness and beauty, attracting many players.

The Grille has two brilliant new red plastic pillars along the sides with polished cast Aluminum design in the center, backed by glittering silvered jewel cloth, illuminated by small bulbs (no Lumiline bulbs) under plastic sides, requiring only 40 watts for illumination, eliminating heat. This is all assembled in a wood frame with silver jewel cloth attached, it is so complete and perfect that you just set it in place and screw it to the cabinet, absolutely  no cutting or fitting required. Fits both 616 and 616A Models. Comes complete with electric bulbs and full instructions for installing.

The Plastic in this equipment is of the highest quality, conducting the light very readily. When installed in your Phonograph this equipment will not look like some cheap attachment, but will become a part of the cabinet, with factory built appearance, making your 616, a NEW MODEL in a very short time. This Equipment is sold at a very low price of $25.00 complete top and bottom ensemble. You can purchase the Grille Assembly.... separately at a price of $12.50 .... or you can purchase the Louver Corners and Front Door Ensemble .... at a price of $12.50



Model R

Jacobs R


Rock-Ola 12-select with model R restyling cabinet

Rock-Ola Jukebox Musikbox

Rock-Ola Jukebox Musikbox
Pictures by courtesy of Matthias Geweke

Mechanism and pushbuttons from a Rock-Ola 1409 counter model?
Titleholder from a Night-Club?


Encore - Hostess

Encore (1949)
with "library-connection"

Jacobs Encore Telephone Music System


Jacobs Encore Telephone Music System



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