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Manufacturer: Personal Music Inc., Newark, New Jersey
President: H.F. Dennison
The company started in 1940 and did set up few units only. Throughout the war years they stayed inactive. On May 1st, 1945 they started again to produce Phonette and studio equipments.

Based on patents by Frank Hoke, (1804559, 1929) and William S. Farrell (2352188, 1941)

Model C - Phonette Penny Serenade (1945)

Penny Serenade Penny Serenade


D - Phonette Personal Music (1945-46)

Photo courtesy of Michael P.
Phonette Personal Music


Model F - Melody Lane (1945-47)

Photos courtesy of Stamann
Melody Lane

Melody Lane

Melody Lane



Phonette Personalized TV (year 1946?)

Photo courtesy of Lloyd Thoburn
Phonette TV Melody Lane Penny Serenade


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