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Sentinel Vision Telejuke (1955)
Announced in early 1955


One of only 3 known to exist -- 1950's Sentinel Vision "Telejuke".
This machine features a 1950's Seeburg jukebox that works with Seeburg 3W1 wallboxes along with a 27 inch B&W TV. When you put a coin in to play the TV, the jukebox stops and curtains that normally cover the TV screen open from the middle and move to the left and right sides to expose the TV screen. The TV is a 27 inch screen which was the largest tube made at the time. 
Insert money into the Telejuke and the side light up glass panels (milky white glass with colored lights behind them) light up. Also the white square in the center lights up with an "SV" (for Sentinel Vision) lights up.
You get a certain amount of time on for TV and you can change channels.  The round white lights let you know what channel you are on. When the time is up, the curtains close and the jukebox comes back on. 
The Jukebox is a standard 1950's Seeburg C which holds 50 45’s for 100 selections and is also equipped for use with remote wallbox equipment.

Photos and information courtesy of Ron - Terra Technica Museum, CZ

Sentinel Vision Telejuke

Sentinel Vision Telejuke Sentinel Vision Telejuke

Sentinel Vision Telejuke


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