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Fielding, Canada
Donald Fielding Co., 1106 Hall Ave, Windsor, Ontario, Canada and 587 Bank St, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


The company was founded by William George (Bill) Fielding (1900 - 1954) somewhen in the 1930s. He began with bell machines but changed to jukeboxes and arcade games after the declaration of illegibility. Fielding distributed Seeburg until WW2. Since then he distributed AMI through his company "Toronto Trading Post Ltd" in 736 Yonge Street, Toronto. In general due to a variety of interest, he owned restaurants, hotels, penny arcades, bowling alleys. He was known to be a shrewd trader. It is said he once traded a music machine for a cow - he also owned two farms at Harrow, Ontario.
His widow Rose Fielding continued the business after Bill passed away. But she passed away only a year later, in 1955, and the company was continued by the son Donald.

Model: ?

Fielding Canada Aftermarket Jukebox Seeburg Mayfair Wurlitzer



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Jennings Telephone Music System
left: Jennings        --------        right: Canadian Fielding




Fielding Envoy Phonograph

Fielding Envoy Phonograph


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