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Pioneer CD Laser Juke: CJ-V50   ***   CJ-V51   ***   CJ-V55 (1990)


Selection: 3x 18 CDs

CD Laser Juke CJ-V50 (1990)

Pioneer CD Laser Juke



Pioneer Laser Juke CJ-V51

Pioneer Laser Juke CV-51 Pioneer Laser Juke CV-51

Pioneer Laser Juke CV-51

54 special picture CDs
  • 300 watt amp
  • Huge bass enclosure with dual 10"sub woofers (10")
  • Four mid-range (4") and twin tweeter speakers (2.5") for a balanced crisp clear sound
  • Heavy duty crossover for ultra reliability
  • Infra-red remote control
  • External speaker conections
  • Line in
  • Line out
  • Seperate power source - e.g. to power a monitor / TV
  • Easily to switch from CHARGE play to FREE play
  • Album play, Best Hits play & Random play
  • Dimensions 797mm (W) 1640mm (H) 635mm (D)
  • Weight 158kg


CD Laser Juke CJ-V55 (1990)

Pioneer Laser Juke CJ-V55



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