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Johnny Ray, Lionel Ritchie, Roxette, Diana Ross u.a.
  • ? and The Mysterians - 96 Tears
    B-Seite: Midnight Hour
    Art. Nr.: SPQ003
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  • Hunter, Ivory Joe - Almost Lost My Mind
    B-Seite: Quotations - Imagination
    Art. Nr.: SPQ001
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  • Quotations - This Love Of Mine
    B-Seite: See You In September
    Art. Nr.: SPQ002
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  • Ray, Johnnie - Cry
    B-Seite: The Little White Cloud That Cried
    Art. Nr.: SPR011
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  • R.E.M. - Radio Song
    B-Seite: Love Is All Around You
    Art. Nr.: SPR013
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  • Richie, Lionel - Penny Lover
    B-Seite: Can't Slow Down
    Art. Nr.: SPR005
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  • Art. Nr.: SPR014
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  • Rogers, Kenny - Coward Of The County
    B-Seite: I Want To Make You Smile
    Art. Nr.: SPR016
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  • Rogers, Kenny - Gambler
    B-Seite: Momma's Waiting
    Art. Nr.: SPR015
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  • Rogers, Kenny - Lucille
    B-Seite: The Gambler
    Art. Nr.: SPR007
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  • Ross, Diana - Someday We'll be Together
    B-Seite: I'm Living in Shame
    Art. Nr.: SPR019
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  • Ross, Diana - Upside Down
    B-Seite: I'm Coming Out
    Art. Nr.: SPR010
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  • Roxette - It Must Have Been Love
    B-Seite: Listen to Your Heart
    Art. Nr.: SPR018
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  • Roxette - Listen To Your Heart
    B-Seite: Half A Woman, Half A Shadow
    Art. Nr.: SPR017
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