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JukeBox von LowProfile


  • Datenbanken für 45er und 78er Schallplatten
  • Suchfunktion
  • Anpassen an individuelle Bedürfnisse in Bezug auf Drucken und Verwalten
  • Importieren bestehender Dateien (dbase)
  • viele Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten für Titelstreifen auf vorgedruckten oder Blanko-Bögen
  • dauerhaftes Importieren von bmp-Dateien als Titelstreifen-Vorlage
  • Erstellen und Verwalten von Wunschlisten usw.
  • Features: Click here  

  • Geeignet für Betriebssysteme Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 und Windows 10


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Following you'll find some screenshots of "JukeBox"

Übersicht des Plattenbestandes 
Record Grid


Eingeben/Bearbeiten der Daten 
Record Information/add a new one


Bearbeitungsmöglichkeiten des Titelstreifens
Edit titlestrip


Print Preview


Verwaltung der Interpreten
Archiv Artists


Verwaltung der Labels 
Record Label List


Bericht: Plattenbestand


Aufbewahrungsortes der Platten
Archiv Location


Filterfunktion - definierbar 
Custom Filter


Generelle Einstellungen
General Preferences


zusätzl. Infolinien

Info Lines



Features "JukeBox" by low Profile


  • Print strips for 45's or 78's.
  • Print on plain paper or preprinted strips.
  • Assign a different title strip image to each record. Use any bitmap graphic for background (several included).
  • Set fonts and alignment for title, artist and information line.
  • Two title lines for EP or long titles.
  • Subtitles and supertitles for a smaller size title text above or below the main song title.
  • Optional Quotes around title, information lines or Stars around artist name.
  • Choose just A or B side when printing 78 title strips.
  • Preview of each record's title strip.
  • Print Basket - put records in the Print Basket and print when you're ready. Records stay in the Print Basket until you empty it.
  • Use any printer you have set up for Windows.
  • Print multiples of one strip.

Record Data

  • Easy entry with dropdown lookups for artist, label, style and condition.
  • Two Artist names - a File Name for program use and a Title Strip Name.
  • Record number - Auto-increment option.
  • User defined new record default values for RPM, style, condition and custom fields.
  • Optional forcing of upper-case characters.
  • Assign records to a location or jukebox.
  • Side A and Side B info line.
  • Configure Info lines to automatically use up to 2 other fields or enter manually.
  • Find and Replace function for all fields.
  • 3 custom text fields, 2 custom numeric fields, 1 custom currency field, 2 custom date fields and 2 custom logical (True/False) fields.
  • Record grid shows all record information.
  • Customize the Record grid to your liking, including font, alternate background colors, row height and much more.
  • Create custom views - save and reuse definable subsets of your record inventory.
  • Search for records on all data fields.
  • Inventory valuation - calculates total value and cost.
  • Import from existing databases - the import database must be in the DBF format. Most database and spreadsheet programs can convert or export into this format.
  • Print lists of records - by artist, title and label.
  • Print Sleeve labels
  • Print all records for a single artist
  • Copy records

Improved Data Entry and Manipulation

  • Search and Replace function
  • New design for record grid
  • Sort on any column
  • Move columns
  • Adjust height of rows (1-4 lines)
  • Set colors of alternating rows
  • Grid settings saved automatically
  • Vertical slide bar proportional to position in database

Title Strip Printing Setup

  • Real print preview display for easier setup.
  • Save settings easily for reuse

Improved Report Generation

  • Design and print reports of your record inventory

On-Screen Help Files

  • Context sensitive by screen.

Wish List

  • Keep artist and titles of records you are looking for. Easily transfer to inventory when you get the record.

Back-Up Data

  • Save all data to floppy diskettes, ZIP drives or hard drive for safekeeping

JukeBox Data

  • Maintain all pertinent information about your jukebox or jukebox collection

Customer Support

  • E-mail technical support by lowProfile for registered users.