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Aluminium plate "Johnny One Note"

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Item #: W095-A
Ø 10 Inch (ca. 25 cm), aluminium
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This aluminium plate is printed with the "Johnny One Note" logo which Wurlitzer did use in the 1940s.
Originally the upper cover of the Wurlitzer 1100 record stack was decorated with this logo. Today the logo is often in bad shape or the whole plate is missing.
Now you can replace the old plate with this true to original printed new one. Of course it can be used for other (decorative) purposes as well.

The original plates have a center hole for mounting which we didn't drill. If desired it can be added easily.

The plates had been professionally painted first and screen printed in strong colors then.

Diameter: 10" / about 25 cm


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Simon writes: 09.03.2020
Fantastic product, really happy I found this retailer. Top notch quality, thank you
Thomas writes: 12.02.2020
Great quality, makes my jukebox really pop.
Andrew writes: 06.03.2015
Fantastic quality as every product i have bought from this great company
Forget Victory Glass these guys sell quality
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