Diner, Coinop and More

To read or just to look at
Books who invite us to not to read only but to travel back in time - to visit diners, the 1950s, amusement games, automatic vendors and classic soda machines.
  • Johann Strauß meets Elvis
    Coin-operated muisc machines from two centuries; 384 pages, 100 colour photos; in German only
    Item #: B070
  • Schöne alte Automaten
    Lucky Dice und Henkeltöpchen
    by Birgit Friedrike Haberbosch
    written in German only
    Item #: B046
  • Zwischen Steckrüben und Himbeereis
    "Nachkriegselend und Wohlstandsglück im Oldenburger Land" - German book about people in North Germany remembering the post war period
    Item #: B060
  • Classic Soda Machines
    A Field Reference and Price Guide by Jeff Walters
    Item #: B017
  • American Diner - Kochen mit Musik
    Homemade Cooking with music from that era from Fats Domino, The Drifters, Al Martino and others; German only
    Item #: B054
  • Das Diner Kochbuch
    "The best recepies of America's iconic restaurants" by Harald Schultes, photos by Holger Hoetzel; in German only
    Item #: B053
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