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Star-Club Hamburg

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The most famous Beat-Club in the world
by Ulf Krüger
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Germany in the post-war era to the Sixties: Swing, Jazz, Oldtime Jazz, Skiffle and Ragtime, Rock'n Roll with Bill Haley, Fats Domino, Eddie Cochran and (of course) Elvis up to The Beatles and "Beatlemania". Music influenced awareness of life, society and most of all the Youth. In Hamburg clubs arise as well as an intense music-scene. The address "Große Freiheit 39" becomes world-famous with the "Star-Club" which opens in Hamburg's quarter "St. Pauli" on April 13, 1962.

This comprehensive book "Star-Club Hamburg" tells about this. It tells about Hamburg back in the Sixties, about the change in music: How Beat conquers Germany just from the cosmopolitan seaport Hamburg, and how the "Star-Club" gets one of the most important centres of this new music era.
The Searchers, Bill Haley, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Jimi Hendrix, Gene Vincent, Black Sabbath, Cream, Ray Charles, Fats Domino, The Remo Four, The Everly Brothers, and above all, as early as 1962, The Beatles - these and many more perfomed live at the Star Club. 
The end of the Beatles and the Beat era also marked the end, on December 31st, 1969, of The Star-Club. Myriad stories, legends, and anecdotes were left behinde. Soon, The Star-Club acquired legendary status all over the world.

With a care for detail that borders on the scrientific, author Ulf Krüger has gathered together facts, documents, eyewitness accounts and more than - partially so far unpublished - 500 photos, extended by pictures of posters, tickets, and various memorabilia. The appendix offers a list of all bands ever performed in The Star-Club.
The result is a carefully researched, comprehensive, and richly illustrated book which with a great love of detail brings the Sixties back to life.

The author Ulf Krüger performed as a drummer in The Star-Club, and works for many years as a music producer, composer and writer. More than 800 songs were published on audio media, among them are many hits. He runs the Rock'n Roll picture agency "K&K Center of Beat" and is the manager of Beatles photographer Astrid Kirchherr. He is as well the author of the book "Die Beatles in Hamburg" and "Beatles Guide Hamburg".
Because of his great knowledge about music of the Sixties and the so called "Hamburg Sound" he was hired as the historical adviser for movies like "Backbeat" or researched the Hamburg part in "Beatles Anthology" by "Apple Corps". He produced a 20 CDs/LPs series "The Hamburg Sound" and works as the art director of the "John Lennon Talent Awards" and as adviser of the exhibition "Beatlemania Hamburg".

49 chapters on 303 pages, paperback, bilingual in German and English, DIN-A4 size
Publisher: Hannibal

From the book: "In 1986, just before the demolition of the ruined building, Günter Zint, who had been house photographer at the Star Club, found a large part of the accounts and files of manfred Weissleder Enterprises behind a locked cellar door. They provide the foundations for this book and can partly be found in the possession of the Museum of Hamburg History."


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