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Colour foil, translucent, small

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self adhessive, 24 x 30 cm in various colours
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With these translucent self adhesive colour foils you may refinish lightshields, diffusers, etc.
Choose from various colours: White, yellow, blue, red, green, rose, pink and dark purple.

Size: 24 x 30 cm.

(1 m² = € 48,41)

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Roman writes: 13.04.2020
Günstige Alternative zum Tausch des Diffusors einer V200!
DAVID writes: 16.02.2018
DIDNOT USE THIS COLOR , AT THIS TIME ,will save it though ,as it's easy to install !
DAVID writes: 16.02.2018
after taking off the old film ,put this on , makes the front of our box look great
DAVID writes: 16.02.2018
took off the old color film off the glass plate , an put this on , shines nice on the speaker grill great !
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