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Isolating transformer, 400 VA

Item #: ETT400-H
400 VA/110V
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Only the best for you and your jukebox!

Due to an increasing voltage up to 230 - 235V many of the old step down transformers deliver a secondary voltage of 120V and more. The rated current of 110 - 117 V rated by the manufacturers in those days is not reached. Thus coils, motors, relays and amplifier components are much more stressed than designed for. They wear much faster, get more hot and can cause noises.

We offer high quality isolationg step-down transformer for an input of 235 Volt and output of 110 Volts, rated for 400 VA (constant). They are specially maufactured for us according the special needs of old jukeboxes.
The version as an isolating transformer means most possible safety for you and other persons playing the jukebox.

An extra safety character are the additional isolated windings. This means safety in case of a short. Of course all needed safety regulations are met.

ESTT400-H400 VA90%5,6 kg

Advantages for use in a jukebox:
• Moisture proof standard due to impregnating
• Touch protected connection points
• Manufactured regarding VDE, CE, EN
• In-rush current: typically 10 times of nominal current
• Low voltage drop between idling and under load
• Low in-rush current

The power of 400 VA is fine for use with 45 rpm jukeboxes. It might work with 78 rpm jukeboxes as well but you might want to doublecheck for a higher rated 600 VA isolating step down transformer - see item EST600-H.


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Markus writes: 04.10.2019
Sehr gute Qualität, kein Brummen mehr so wie bei alten Trafo
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