T5 wedge base lamp #73

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14 Volt, 800 mA, 1,1 Watt - GE #73
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We offer the most important lamps used in jukeboxes. Please compare the data of your lamp with those of our tables.
Often the number equals the original one used by GE (General Electric).

No.TypeBase V mA W Ea. 10 pcs
73 wedge base
T5148001,1€ 0,80€ 7,50

This lamp is e.g. used in these jukeboxes:
AMIR-90, R-91 (Flashing Lights)
Seeburg100-78D Celestia (Animation assembly)
SMC-3 (Reflector Panel)
SCD-1 (Credit)
SCD-1A (Credit)


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