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Service Manual 429

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This Service Manual covers the cycle of operation, sound system, adjustments, parts list and more.
Table of content:

  • Phonograph Installation
  • Coin Conversion Instructions
  • Cabinet Dome Adjustment
  • Phonograph Cycle of Operation
  • Descriptive Operation and Adjustment of Mechanism and Associated Parts
  • Selector Operation
  • Selector Removal
  • Carriage Adjustment
  • Turntable Adjustments
  • Tone Arm Adjustments
  • Descriptive Operation of Accmulator
  • Pushbutton Operation
  • Selection Sequence Diagrams (Write-In Sequence)
  • Selection Sequence Diagrams (Read-Out Sequence)
  • Pushbutton Assembly Removal
  • Amplifier Sound System

81 pages, spiralbound copy on 90 g paper in US-size, written in English

Note: The schematic is not included but can be ordered separately of course.

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Bernhard writes: 04.07.2020
Gute ausführliche beschreibungen.Sehr hilfreich. Danke
francois writes: 28.10.2019
I love your handbook , So professionally done, i'll order again !
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