Decal set pages wallbox 1555 / 1475

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for use with Tempo 1 models 1468 and 1475
also for some Tempo 2 models 1478 and 1485
five colours, numbering 1 - 40 / 1 - 200

The beautiful Rock-Ola wallbox model 1555 came out in 1958. It could be used backwards from model 1455 and up.
For the models Regis and Empress the wallbox 1557 was made which is very similar to the 1555 and could be used also with the Rock-Ola 1455 and others.

The strips on the pages did vary with each new jukebox model - both in numbering system and colours.
Today these decals are often not nice any longer, worn or even missing. Or they do not match the numbering system for the owned jukebox.

With these reproduction decals the pages of the wallbox can be refinished and give the numbering system you need.
Layout and colours are exactly like original. The 20 stripes are already precut.

This self adhesive decal set is for use with wallbox 1555 and Rock-Ola jukeboxes 1468 and 1475 - models Tempo 1. The colours refer to the three resp. five program buttons. For Rock-Ola 1468 only three colours are needed, for model 1475 all five.

Some Rock-Ola jukeboxes 1478 and 1485 (Tempo 2) also had been delivered with the colourful program cards like Tempo 1 and coloured decals on titlestripholder. These models Tempo 2 require also this set.

The set comes with all shown five colours.


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