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Seeburg 78 rpm Models

Years 1936 to 1948
Starting with Symphonola A (1936) up to Symphonola 148 (1948), last of the so called "Trashcans", Seeburg used the Freborg mechanism. Each record was placed in a tray which did slide sideways to the turntable.
  • 2,5" caster with polyamide wheel
    for various Seeburg models
    Item #: R039
    Cart deactivated
  • Socket
    for 2" and 2,5" casters
    Item #: R042
    Cart deactivated
  • Item #: W079
    Cart deactivated
  • Potentiometer 16 kOhm/5 kOhm
    mono, Seeburg 146-148 and 100A - HF100R
    Item #: EP003
    Cart deactivated
  • Miniature jukebox Seeburg 147
    Model "Trashcan" from 1947; plays "Amore baciami" by Lidia Martorana
    Item #: V714
    Cart deactivated
  • Seeburg cabinet keys
    various master keys for Seeburg
    please choose key number
    Item #: SCH-S
    Cart deactivated
  • Service Manual Seeburg Symphonola 1939
    models Classic, Vogue, Mayfair, Plaza and Casino
    Item #: HSS39K
    Cart deactivated
  • Service Manual Seeburg Symphonola 1940
    Models Cadet, Commander, Concert Master
    Item #: HSS40K
    Cart deactivated
  • Service Manual R.C.E.S. 1940
    wireless remote control system to 1940 RCES models Envoy, Cadet, Colonel, Major, Concert Master and Commander
    Item #: HSR40K
    Cart deactivated
  • Service Manual Seeburg 8200
    1941 Hi-Tone models 8200, 8200A, RC8200, RC8200A, RCT8200, RCT8200A
    Item #: HS8200K
    Cart deactivated
  • Service Manual No. 1 Seeburg Symphonolas
    Hi-Tone models 7800, 7850, 8800, and 9800 from 1941
    Item #: HSNo1K
    Cart deactivated
  • Service Manual No. 4 Seeburg Remote Control Systems
    wireless and wired applied to Hi-Tone models RC7800, RC7850, RC8800, and RC9800 from 1941
    Item #: HSNo4K
    Cart deactivated
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