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Freeplay adapter, models A-J

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Seeburg A, B, C, W, G, R and J
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Simply unplug the 8 pin selector cable from the credit unit, and plug in the adapter.

Here's how it works: Keyboard latch solenoid remains de-energized until the first key (letter or number) is pressed. The solenoid remains energized until the selection is completed. However, as a safety feature, if ONLY one key is pressed, as children often do, the adapter will release the key and solenoid if the selection is not completed within 15 seconds. This added safety feature of this adapter makes it the ONLY safe way to free play a SEEBURG!

With most conversions, the solenoid is left on to buzz and/or burn out. A real safety hazard. Even the jumper wire idea is NOT safe, as pressing one key will leave the solenoid energized indefinately! With this free play adapter, the solenoid will NEVER even get warm! Will override most other free play modifications made to your machine in the past. Has a Coin/Free Play Switch and allows you to return to coin operation with the flip of a switch (providing your machine presently works with coins), and still offers all the safety features!
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Gustav writes: 30.03.2021
Funktioniert in meiner Seeburg 100JL einwandfrei!
Andreas writes: 20.08.2019
Habe den Freispieladapter bei meiner Seeburg 100 J angesteckt und seidem läuft das Gerät ohne Probleme .
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