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Diffuser, upper arch in W1015 door

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amber, made from phenolic resin
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This light diffuser is located in the upper arch of the Wurlitzer 1015's door. Within the years the original diffusers are usually warped (see photo #2) or even broken.

We are glad that we could find a material with a nice amber color very close to the originals. If the material is too dark the diffuser doesn't light up well.

The diffuser comes without holes. We assume that back then in the 1940s Wurlitzer did not drill the holes before applying the brackets and diffuser directly to the door. At least this explains why some original diffusers we could compare do not show the same hole layout.

Material: Phenolic resin
Colour: Amber

limited availability

 This diffuser does not fit the OMT models (CD and Vinyl) made by the Deutsche Wurlitzer from 1986 - 2013.


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