Title strip holder decal set, W2000

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With these decals you can renew the numbering of the title holders of your Wurlitzer model 2000.

We did print our decals on a high quality white translucent foil. That way the letters and numbers shine nicely when lit from behind - like on the originals.
All other decals we know are printed on opaque white foils which don't give that nice effect.

Before you apply the decals make sure the title holder plastics are cleaned well and all old printing is removed.
Apply wet. Spray warm water mixed with a drop of soap on the plastics but also on the sticky side of the decals as well.
If you hold the title holder against the light or a lamp you can position the decals well. The center line but also the numbers and letters can be moved to the right position.

Smoothen the foil and remove as much water as possible.
Now put all 24 hours aside and let dry well.

When dry cut and remove the areas which are not needed. Use a very sharp and pointed knife.


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David writes: 17.02.2024
These decals look fantastic when fitted. The quality is far superior to others that I have used. This is an excellent product.
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