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Calf "Witus"

Item #: Kö-F5771
Manufacturer Kösen, size 37 cm (~ 14.5"), brown-white
Especially soft and cosy, filled with granules.

Cattles (Bos primigenius taurus) are domesticated Eurasian Aurochs. To these animals we owe that man could settle down and stop being a hunter. The cow became a fram animal both helping with farming plus giving food and leather. This took place 9000 years BC.

Cows can be found in Myths as well. Egypts, Teutons and Sumerian believed in a kind of "Great-Cow" being genesis and source of life. The Greek Goddess Hera did have the by-name "boopis" which means "Eyes like a Cow". Back in those days big wide round eyes had been an ideal of beauty. And in India cows are revered as sacred animals for 1000 years already.

Calves are born after a gestation period of about 280 days, that is nine months. Twins are quite seldom. Normally calves are suckled for six months, this is usually shorter in dairy industry.

Our calf rests on a nice green meadow after having played the whole day. Don't you see how it smiles? It must have had a great day!

The last photo shows our soft toy "Witus" with it friends "Witti" (Kö-F5770) and Linus" (Kö-F5772).

Size: 37 cm (~ 14.5")
Colour: Brown & white
Filling: Granules
Manufacturer: Kösen Spielzeug Manufaktur, Germany

Our calf "Witus" is very soft and cosy because of its filling with granules.

The proceeds of this sale will be donated to a children's charity organisation.


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