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Great Dane, Miniature

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Item #: Kö-F6010
Manufacturer Kösen, length 22 cm (~ 8.75"), brown-greyish
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Genetic analysis has shown that the dog started developing from the wolf about 135.000 years ago.
Yet it is highly unlikely that the wolfs were simply domesticated, since they – on the contrary to dogs – lose their tameness when they becomme sexually mature and do not bequeath it. It is assumed that there were some wolves that were more trusting and thus dared to go near the upcoming settlings of men – an ecological niche, because there always must have been some leftovers. Thus the more trusting wolves had a selective benefit, over thousands of years they evolved into their own species, the dog. Humans were able to consitently breed these for special purposes and thus ensured their survival and expansion. One of the purposes the dog has already been used for in ancient Egypt is hunting.

The Great Dane is a German breed known for its giant size. Other names are Deutsche Dogge or German Mastiff. It is one of the world tallest dog breed. It is said that roots might go back to Egypt at 3,000 B.C. and in Ancient Greece.
The breed began in 17th century as a crossbreed between the English Mastiff and the Irish Wolfhound. Back then dogs with extreme long legs had been popular at royal houses.
Great Danes show a very great character for being a family dog. Regardless of their body size they are friendly and affectionate, devoted and loyal. They are nice to children and relucant against strangers. Nevertheless they are used for guarding purposes and are great for therapy as well.

Our Great Dane boxer is ready to play, explore, running around, or go for hunting. Whatever you like to do, it is already waiting impatiently.

The second photo shows it together with two other miniatures - Golden Retriever and Boxer.
The last ones shows all miniature dogs by Kösen.

Length: 22 cm (~ 8.75")
Colour: Brown-greyish
Material: Special polyester fibre
Manufacturer: Kösener Spielzeug Manufaktur, Germany

The proceeds of this sale will be donated to a children's charity organisation.


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