Kiwikind "Piripi"

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Item #: Kö-F6210
Manufacturer Kösen, size 17 cm (~ 7"), brown-white
From the Mohair and Alpaca-line
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The kiwi (Apertyx) is a flightless bird that is endemic to New Zealand, there it is a national symbol.
Until the colonization by humans 1000 years ago, New Zealand had no land mammals, so the birds could prosper. But with humans predators like dogs and weasels came that made life hard for the kiwi. Even though there are lots of conservation projects, only few chicks survive to adulthood, because they can neither defend themselves nor flee.

Kiwi are nocturnal that like dense forests. The have a round body, their very short wings are not noticeable underneath their long, hairlike feathers. They have a good sense of smell, unusual for a bird, thus they can even detect their prey under ground while picking in the earth with their long beaks.

Did you know the kiwifruit was named after the the bird? Originally they are from China, but one New Zealander that was the first to market it and changed its name. Nowadays the fruit is even more known than its name giver.

On the last pictures our life sized kiwi is standing beside the grown-up "Huhana" (Kö-F6200). It hopes to find a lovely and more safe home to live in, with no predators making living dangerous.

Height: 17 cm (~ 7")
Colour: Brown-white
Material: Mohair, filled with special polyester fibre
Manufacturer: Kösener Spielzeug Manufaktur, Germany

From the Mohair and Alpaca-line.

The proceeds of this sale will be donated to a children's charity organisation.


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