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Llama cria "Napa"

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Item #: Kö-F4770
Manufacturer Kösen, size 23 cm (~ 9"), white-brown
Awarded with grade "spiel gut" (means "play well")..
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Llama (Lama) are descendants of the American camel. Being a "New Wolrd Camel", llamas do not have the typical humps like African camels and are smaller too. In general one differs llamas in two groups: the domesticated llamas (Llama glama) and the wild living Guanacos ((Lama guanicoe).
Llamas live in the Andes and and have been tamed more than 5000 years ago for their meat and wool along as draft animals.

Llamas have long ears that slightly resemble bananas, because of their inward curve. They have long and soft fur that can be sheared and spun. However it is slightly less fine than that of the alpaca.

The spitting, for which llamas are well known, happens to discipline members of the herd; probably like grumbling humans. Only if llamas get used to humans too much understanding themselves as being one of them, they happen to spit at humans. Otherwise llamas are very social, curious and sensitive creatures, that are able to calm us down and thus are often used in therapy.

The gestation period is  11 - 12 months. Usually only one baby llama, called Cria, gets born. They get suckled for four months, but are not grown-up before 2 - 3 years.

B.t.w., llamas are very quiet animals. Only in case of danger they warn each other with a sound similar to horses.

Our llama cria will be very quiet as well. You can familiarize it to your company as much as you like, it will surely never spit. Still it has a calming influence and is curious about the new family.

Size: 23 cm (~ 9")
Colour: White
Filling: Special polyester fibres
Manufacturer: Kösener Spielzeug Manufaktur

Awarded with grade "spiel gut" (means "play well").

The proceed of this sales will be donated to a children's charity organisation.

The photo shows the llama cria "Napa" together with the grown-up llama "Cusi" (Kö-F4760).


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