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Mole baby

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Item #: Kö-F7350
Manufacturer Kösen, size 10 cm (~ 4"), black
especially soft and flexible, filled with granules
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Almost everyone knows them, but some lawn owners dislike them: The hills that moles (Talpidae) leave. These hills consist of the earth that the mole pushes aside while digging the tunnel system. At some places it throws the soil onto the ground, building the typical hills. As the mole is able to dig up to 20 meters (22 yards) per day sometimes several of these hills appear almost suddenly. This happens inwork shift: for 4 hours the mole digs, hunts and feeds itself; the next 4 hours it's sleeping.
Though many find them disruptive, having a mole in the own garden is a good sign. Feeding of several vermin like larvae or cockchafer grubs and chasing away voles, the mole actually helps to protect the plants in the garden. Their digging helps as well to aerate the soil.
Moles are perfectly adapted to the underground life. They have a rather bad eyesight which is not needed in the darkness. In return they have gotten excellent hearing and smelling senses, furthermore their whiskers help them to orientate.

Normally moles are mavericks, only during mating time they come together. Whether this mole baby belongs to "Erwin" or "Alwin", we don't know. But for sure it loves to cudlle and to play - and to make first attemps in digging in a landscape of cushions!

Size: 10 cm (~ 4")
Colour: Black
Filling: Granules
Manufacturer: Kösener Spielzeug Manufaktur

Especially soft and flexible, filled with granules

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