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Dragon "Duna"

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Dragon, Latin draco and Greek drakos, means as much as "gazing". It is a known figure from the world of fairy tales and mythology and combines various characteristics of birds, reptiles, and wild animals. It can fire spit can and does have paws like a lion.
In many stories, the dragon has to be defeated by heroes to save people, a virgin, or even the continued existence of the world. In short, in our (western) world of fairy tales the dragonmostly means a harm-making animal.

But there are esceptions. The flag of Wales shows a red dragon. The legend tells that two dragons lived directly below that area, where the King wanted to built a castle: A red and a white one. After waking up they did fight with each other. This fight was predicted (by Merlin) being the battle between the Anglo-Saxon (white dragon) and Celts (red dragon) where the red dragon did win finally.

In Far East not only a dragon means luck and happiness but even more the colour red. What could be more close than producing a red dragon - doesn't it promise luck two times?

No matter what you or your child will associate with a dragon, whether these are exiting or fantastic stories about heroes, good fortune bringing events, or just the fun of telling and playing stories, our dragon "Duna" is the perfect companion for it. Look at its eyes gazing and being gently at the same time as if they would know about the secret of phantasy. The soft woven plush feels cosy and the wings are ready for taking off for a journey full of fantasy and imagination.

Height: 42 cm (~ 17")
Colour: Green
Filling: Hollow core fibres
Material for wings, horns, spikes on back: Alcantara
Manufacturer: Kösener Spielzeug Manufaktur, Germany

The proceed of this sales will be donated to a children's charity organisation.


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