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Piratte "Sailor"

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Pirates call themselves "Master of the Seas" and sail without any fear searching for a hidden treasure of gold, jewelries, coins, pearls and diamonds. They use a treasure map, board other ships and attack the crew.

Klaus Störtebeker, Pipi Longstocking's father "Capt'n Efraim Longstocking, formerly Horror of the Seas but now King of the Negroes", Jack Sparrow in "Pirates of the Carribean", Capt'n Hook in "Peter Pan", or John Long Silver from Stevenson's "The Treasure Island" - we know them all. Their stories let us think of freedom, adventure, foreign countries, and mutiny.

Since beginning of seafaring there are pirates. Piracy goes from simple stealings in the harbour to capture other boats on sea. Compared to mentioned stories, this does not mean any romantic adventure and is internationally outlawed.

But who are our "Pirattes"? The name is derived from "Pirate" and the german term "Ratte" for "Rat". Of course our pirattes differ from real pirates. They are figures who invite for playing, for a phantasy without any limit, for having success as "Master of the Sea", to find hidden treasures and never stay anywhere long, and for being just free. The figures allow to explore other sides inside ourselves and to live them in a puppetry. Those sides which are usually called "dark" or "bad". The Pirattes allow children to explore "Good" and "Bad" and to find out about in a playing manner and to process everyday experiences.

Which role might our Piratte "Sailor" play? Will he be just a member of the crew and follow instructions of the Captain? Or will he be brave and present his point of view openly? Will he be the sailor who tells fish stories in the pubs or the one the Captain can rely on? No matter which one it will be, our Piratte "Sailor" will be a great companion allowing to play several roles.

Height: 40 cm (~ 16")
Colour: Grey-brownish plush
Clothes: Red and white
Material: Plush, imitation leather, felt and best fabrics
Filling: Hollow core fibres
Manufacturer: Kösener Spielzeug Manufaktur, Germany

The last photo shows the "Sailor" next to his "Captain" (Kö-F1260) and the "Navigator" (Kö-F1280).

The proceeds of this sale will be donated to a children's charity organisation.


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