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Ba9s miniature lamp 28V/2,2W

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Item #: L4561
28 Volt, 80 mA, 2,2 Watt - replaces GE #757 and #1829
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We offer the most important lamps used in jukeboxes. Please compare the data of your lamp with those of our tables.

No.TypeSize V mA WEach10 pcs
L4561Ba9s 11x28 mm28802,2€ 1,30€ 11,50

This incandescent lamp can be used for example in these jukeboxes:
AMI / Rowe

R-74 (credit, replacement for lamp #757)
R-80 (credit, replacement for lamp #757)
TI-2 (credit, replacement for lamp #757)


490 (speaker overload, replacement for #1829)
490-1 (speaker overload, replacement for #1829)
490-2 (speaker overload, replacement for #1829)
494 (speaker overload, replacement for #1829)


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