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Metal Postcards

To hang or to mail
Writing a postcard is as old fashion as the themes of these postcards: they show motifs of gone decades and stand for different era. Maybe that's why they invite to mail them to friends - or just hanging them on the wall for your own pleasure.
  • Postcard "VW - Er läuft und läuft und läuft ..."
    "It runs and runs and runs ...", metal, size 10 x 14 cm
    Item #: V659
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  • Postcard "VW - Der große Tag"
    "The Great day", metal, size 10 x 14 cm
    Item #: V623
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  • Postcard "Messerschmitt"
    Model KR200; Size 10 x 14 cm
    Item #: V647
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  • Postcard "The Beatles"
    metal, size 10 x 14 cm
    Item #: V673
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  • Postcard "Bier schmeckt Immer"
    Beer tastes always", metal, size 10 x 14 cm
    Item #: V629
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  • Postcard "Corvette"
    Metal, size 14 x 10 cm
    Item #: V626
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  • Item #: V624
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