Elac SM 103

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diamond, for Bergmann, Harting, NSM, Tonomat, Rock-Ola jukeboxes. Some AMI might be possible

This diamond tipped stylus is for use with Elac KST 103 cartridges and can be found in these jukeboxes:

  • AMI: possible for Continental and Lyric models if assembled by Tonomat/Canteen
  • Rock-Ola: for those models converted in Germany
  • Tonomat: Telematic 200 stereo, Panoramic stereo, Teleramic, Canteen Electronic 160
  • Bergmann Symphony: S80ST, S200 stereo, S200C, S200D, S100W, S100S, S100 Stereo Luxus, S100W stereo
  • Harting: M100, M100W, M100K
  • NSM: Fanfare 100 Stereo

Note: The following links display photos of original cartridges to identify the needle you need.

Tonomat   |   Rock-Ola   |   Bergmann   |   Harting   |   NSM    |   AMI


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Bernd writes: 30.03.2019
funktioniert super
Rückfragen wurden schnell und freundlich beantwortet
DEL ZOTTO writes: 21.03.2019
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