Astatic N29-1, sapphire

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This sapphire tipped stylus for 45 rpm fits Astatic 51-1 cartridge.
1 mil tip stylus had been used originally for playing mono records in the 1950s only. You might want to use this needle if you play old mono records only, because the tip matches best the grooves.  If you prefer to play stereo records as well we recommend needle item N 213-32.

This Astatic needle had been used in the following jukeboxes:

  • AMI D80, D120 and E80, 120
  • Rock-Ola 1438, 1442, 1446, 1448, 1452, 1454, 1455, 1458, 1462, 1464, and 1465
  • Williams Music Mite
  • Other models which have been converted to Astatic 51-1 cartridge

The following links display photos of original cartridges to identify the needle you need.

AMI   |   Rock-Ola   |   Seeburg   |   Wurlitzer - USA   |   Others - USA


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patrick writes: 21.05.2019
The N29-1 is excellent to use on the 51-1 Astatic cartridge and is easy enough to fit.
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