Astatic N29-3, diamond

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Item #: N213-46
Diamond tipped for 78 RPM; tip 3 mil

This diamond tipped stylus with a 3 mil tip was used in Astatic 51-2 cartridge originally to play original 78 rpm records.
Oiginally it was used in these models:

  • AMI A, B, C, D40 and E40
  • Rock-Ola 1428 (Magic Glo) and 1434 (Super Rocket)
  • Others which had been converted to Astatic 51-2
Limited availability.

The following links display photos of original cartridges to identify the needle you need.

AMI   |   Rock-Ola   |   Seeburg   |   Wurlitzer - USA   |   Others - USA


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Hans writes: 11.04.2019
Works great, good quality
* incl. tax, plus shipping