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Repair kit for impulse amp

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This set consists of a capacitor 0,047µF and a resistor with 5,6 MOhm. Those parts should be replaced in each Seeburg impulse amplifier models V200 - LPC480. Write-In and Read-Out are only trouble free when the impulse amp is so as well. Used in the following models:

  • V200, VL200
  • KD200, KS200
  • L100
  • 101, 161, 201
  • 220, 222
  • Q-100, Q160, AQ-100, AQ-160
  • AY-100, AY-160, Y100, Y-160
  • DS-100, DS-160
  • LPC1
  • LPC-480 (two sets per TCC are required)

A little diagram is included in this set.


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René writes: 04.02.2018
Sehr schön, dass gleich ein Schema-Ausschnitt beigelegt ist. Funktioniert wunderbar. (nur war damit die Maschine insgesamt noch nicht wieder belebt...)
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