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Ballistol-Spray, 25 ml

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multi purpose oil, great as contact cleaner
25 ml small aerosol can to learn about

Ballistol offers a wide range of purpose. It can be used to lubricate, to clean, to preserve, to protect, to prevent corrosion, to maintain and to impregnate, to disinfect and to rejuvenate items made of metal, smooth leather, unpainted wood, and all common har plastics.
Ballistol does not resinify. Most other technical oils harden with time. Ballistol, however, contains a combination of anti-oxidants and medical oils, which make it less susceptible to aging.

We offer BALLISTOL in a little 25 aerosol can to learn about, being on the road, or the small tool kit box.

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Unbelievable ... universal ... biodegradable ... food safe ... eudermic ... protects ... maintains ... lubricates
For cars ... bicycles ... leather ... household ... garden ... industry ... handcraft ... animals... weapons

(100 ml = € 8,00)


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