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Jack Hylton Music Maker (1946)
England's first Jukebox, using a Wurlitzer Simplex mechanism, 16 selections
announced in Billboard (USA) as Music Maker Mark 1 and deluxe model Music Maker Mark 2 in March 1946

Pictures and information courtesy Tony Holmes and Freddy Bailey

Music Maker Mark 1

It is a Jack Hylton Music Maker and to date nobody has come up with another one, I would be most interested to meet anyone who has one or knows more than I do about the development of the model.
For those in the group who may be interested it is the first English Jukebox to be mass produced in a proper factory system.
It was the brain child of the band leader Jack Hylton who's name it bears. He brought the idea from his regular trips to the USA and a company in Lancashire called Hawtins manufactured it. The jukeboxes were not sold they were rented out with a share of the cash box takings as payment, if the site was poor the juke was moved on and so on.
At some point a Mark 2 version was designed and the mechanisms from the MK1 was transferred into the new cabinets, the old original cases were then burned. The Mark 2 model is what became known as The "Ditchburn Music Maker" because at some point The Ditchburn organisation also in Lancashire aquired the manufacturing rights etc. The saga goes on as Dithcburn also preferred to rent the machines rather than sell them out right, and in the fifties they also had a conversion programme known as the Mark 2R this involved cutting the whole of the cabinet  top off and replacing it with a new glassfibre unit together with a mod to the mechanism which made it play 30 45s. So every mark2 R resulted in the total destruction of an original Mark 2. They are therefore quite rare and of course the mk2 is very Art deco and very British.

John Hylton Music Maker
John Hylton Music Maker John Hylton Music Maker

John Hylton Music Maker

John Hylton Music Maker

John Hylton Music Maker

John Hylton Music Maker

John Hylton Music Maker



Music Maker Mk 2

John Hylton Music Maker
Hideaway or prototype?
Music Maker Mark 2 before it was sold to Ditchburn



Hawtins Factory Floor 1947

John Hylton Music Maker


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