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Gedasa (General Española de Automáticos, S.A.)

Gedasa was founded in 1957 with a huge capital of 6,500,000 pesetas. CEO was Don (Mr) Antonio Pedrol Rius, a prominent lawyer. He was dean of the school of Madrid and a senator, etc. Antonio Pedrol Luis studied law at the University of Zaragoza. In 1932 he joined the College of Madrid and practiced in the field of commercial law. In 1969 he was elected to the State Law Commission. In the same year he founded the Circle of Legal Studies in Madrid. He was elected Dean of the Bar Association of Madrid in 1973, a position he was re-elected to in 1979, 1984 and 1989. He was a key figure in advising King Juan Carlos I during the changeover to democracy after Franco's death. No less important was the Gedasa Chairman of the Board of Directors, Don (Mr) Pedro Nieto Antúnez, who was chief admiral in Franco's government. Pedro Nieto Antunez was a great personal confidant of Franco. (Information John S.)

Gedasa Sinfonola Jukebox Musikbox
Sinfonola 78 RPM
Gedasa Sinfonola 96 Jukebox Musikbox
Sinfonola 96
Gedasa Embajador 100 Jukebox Musikbox
Embajador 100
(year 1964 ?)
Gedasa Sinfonola 100 Jukebox Musikbox
Sinfonola 100
Gedasa Sinfonola 100 Jukebox Musikbox
Sinfonola 100
Gedasa Sinfonola 1000 Jukebox Musikbox
Sinfonola 1000
Gedasa Sinfonola 1000 Jukebox Musikbox
Sinfonola 1000
Gedasa Sinfonola 2000 Jukebox Musikbox
Sinfonola 2000
Gedasa Sinfonola 2000 Jukebox Musikbox
Sinfonola 2000D
Gedasa Sinfonola 2000 Jukebox Musikbox
El Almirante Pedro
Nieto Antúnez
Prestige 160C NSM Famaresa Prestige 160S Musikbox Jukebox
Prestige 160S

Prestige E160 NSM Musikbox Jukebox
Prestige E 160

R.O. 480 Techna Rock-Ola Jukebox Musikbox
480 Techna
Inder Sinfonola 2000D Jukebox Musikbox
Sinfonola 2000D
Gedasa Sinfonola 2000 Jukebox Musikbox
Sinfonola 2000D
Gedasa Sinfonola 2000 Jukebox Musikbox
(years: ?)
Petaco S.A.

Petaco was incorporated in 1958. Petaco stands for Proyectos Electromecánicos de Tanteo y Color, Trade Name: Petaco, S.A.
Rennotte had already been trading in Belgium for some years. 9/1962: Rennotte wants to produce in Spain, too. In the beginning the mechs are being produced in Belgium and the cabinets in Spain. License partner: Petaco S.A., Spain. The license with the Spanish government was granted in 1962, permitted in Feb. 1963. Petaco introduced their first Spanish pinball in 1963 and the first jukebox followed soon.
Chairman of the board: Don Luis Zoreda Arribas   |   CEO: Don Adolfo Morilla Suarz   |   Secretary: Don Julio Marroquí Bartolomé.

Petaco Jukebox Musikbox
Petaco Jukebox Musikbox
Petaco Jukebox Musikbox
Petaco Rennotte Jukebox Musikbox
Petaco Festival 232 Jukebox Musikbox
Festival 232
Petaco Festival 332 Jukebox Musikbox
Festival 332
Petaco 32S Jukebox Musikbox
early 1970s?)
Petaco 32S Jukebox Musikbox
early 1970s?)
PetacoJumbo-X Jukebox Musikbox
The other partners were: Don Juan Pedro Vanden Bergh, Don Celestino Zoreda Arribas, Doña Olimpia Rigabert Mompeo, and Don Juan Paredes Hernandez.
Juan Paredes († 1987) became the soul of Petaco which subsequently became REVI SA. The Director-General Juan Paredes took Petaco into the German market with the four player pinball CRITERIUM 75 under the brand EUROFLIP. This was in partnership with the German distributor LÖWEN and director José Benavides of the Spanish company RECEL.
(Information John S.)
Unknown Manufacturer
Jukebox Musikbox
Modell: ?



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