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Wurlitzer 3500 – Zodiac (1971)   •••   Zodiac II


Vorgestellt in 10/1970
Wurlitzer 3500: 200 Wahlmöglichkeiten
Wurlitzer 3510: 100 Wahlmöglichkeiten
Wurlitzer 3560: 160 Wahlmöglichkeiten

  Introduced in 10/1970
Wurlitzer 3500: 200 selections
Wurlitzer 3510: 100 selections
Wurlitzer 3560: 160 selections

From the BB on Oct 24, 1970:
"Wurlitzer - 200-160-100 Selection Phonograph
new Zodiac jukebox offers as an optional feature the increasingly popular "Record- Now -Playing" digital indicator at the upper right of all new looking phonograph. The Zodiac signs are carried through in several key areas as in the play information panels. The design is all new: for example, the front center glass panel using seven color shades. Steuben glass etching, grained panels of pecan finished Parkwood, metal and glass and translucent plastics all combine for pleasing appearance. Internally, the amplifier of the stereo machine. the junction box, stepper, power supply and playrak have all been moved to the top for easier servicing. In terms of better sound, a scratch compensator, balance control and individual base and treble controls are featured. Of the new features is the four -quarter accumulator which allows for the insertion of quarters and half-dollars up to $1 before selection is made. The dollar bill acceptor is optional and has a separate cash container. A security cash container is also offered that automatically locks when removed from the machine. A paging system, income computer, wall boxes with or without speakers and the Satellite II combination speaker /selector are all additional accessories available."

Wurlitzer 3500
Das Modell 3500 gab es in drei technischen Versionen:
Standard: 45 Upm
LP: 45 und 33 Upm
Deluxe: Top Tunes (goldene und Weinrote Taste)
  Model 3500 was available in three technical versions:
Standard: 45 rpm
LP: 45 and 33 rpm
Deluxe: Top Tunes (golden and burgundy button)

Wurlitzer 3500



Wurlitzer 3510
Photos Thor Haugen
Wurlitzer 3510

Wurlitzer 3510

Wurlitzer 3510



Wurlitzer 3560

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Technische Daten - Specifications Series 3500
Wahlen / Selections 100 / 160 / 200
Lampen / Lamps With Dollar Bill Acceptor: TL 25W/28"/T12   |   TL 18W/30"/T8    |   TL 30W/36" T8   |   Credit: GE#12  |  Top Tune: GE #51
Without Dollar Bill Acceptor: TL 18W/30"/T8   |   2x TL 30W/36" T8   |   Credit: GE#12   |   Top Tune: GE #51
Mech. control box: GE #305
Verstärker / Amplifier 551
Lautsprecher / Speaker 2x 12" 16 Ohm woofer   |   2x 6" 16 Ohm upper midrange
Tonabnehmer / Cartridge Astatic 14D / 215D with needle Astatic N-14
Sicherungen / Fuses Amp 551: 15A, 2x 3A, 5A + 1.25A; Power Supply 552: 5A + 15 A
Schlüssel / Key RW-110
Gehäuse / Cabinet  
Abmessungen / Size  
Zubehör / Accessories Booster 222B; Microphone Kit 220; Kit 219
Stepper 268 (100/200 sel.), 269 (160 sel.); wallbox 5220 / 5220A (160/200 sel.), 5225 / 5225A (100 sel.)
Extra speaker Satellite II

Extra safety cash box
Besonderheiten / Feaures Available in three versions:
Standard: 45 rpm 
LP: 45 and 33 rpm
Deluxe: Top Tunes (golden and burgundy button)


Zodiac II
Photo Ron
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Wurlitzer Zodiac II


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