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Info on John Johnson's website: "During the period 1953 - 1963, BAL-AMi only produced nine jukebox models which carried the BAL-AMi name, starting with the model "G" in 1955. The American badged AMi models "D" and "E" were built by BAL-AMi at their Ilford premises for UK distribution, but retained the AMi naming. Whilst the model "F" was never built in the UK, I've come across at least one model "F" from an Australian contact which has BAL-AMi logos on it. I suspect that some short term business deals took place which introduced these unique models."
Photos and information courtesy of John Johnson at JJ's BAL-AMI Website, Hervé Maîtres and Freddy Bailey
Model G120 was built under license by National Instruments Sidney in Australia.

BAL-AMI Musikboxen - Jukeboxes






J-40 - Junior
H40 - Super 40


I-200 E


Super 40 Deluxe (1959)



Super 100

Century S-100-1
(1960 ?)

New Yorker

Juke Box Story 1958

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BAL-AMI Fernwähler - Remote Control

RC 40



Converted BAL-AMI Jukeboxes – single copy

Super 100
Please note: The jukebox shown here was never produced by BAL-AMI; It is a single copy only.

BAL-AMI Vertriebspartner – Distributor


Land – country Jahre – years
S.A.I.E.M. Frankreich / France 1959
Soteriades Griechenland / Greece 1961
Soteriades Zypern / Cypress 1961

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