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Worth knowing, Elvis, Jimmi Hendrix, The Stones in concert - or what about The BeaTles? Soley issues about music of the 1950s until today and unforgettable stars - next to information entertainment is meant as well.
Some of these books are out of print today.

  • Elvis - Mein bester Freund
    Memories - by George Klein
    sorry, only available in German
    Item #: B022
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  • Abba - Photos 1974 -1980
    by Wolfgang "Bubi" Heilemann
    Item #: B050
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  • Star-Club Hamburg
    The most famous Beat-Club in the world
    by Ulf Krüger
    Item #: B150
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  • 1000 Nadelstiche
    American and British artists performing German songs; German only
    Item #: B098
    Cart deactivated
  • Beatles gegen Rolling Stones
    by Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot
    German version only
    Item #: B035
    Cart deactivated
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, The Beatles!
    by Jeff Bench und Ray Tedman
    Sorry only in German available
    Item #: B036
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  • Thank you for the Days
    the 60s picture book - Beat • Pop • Blues • Rock
    Stars - Legends - Rarities; by Bernd Matheja
    Item #: B099
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  • Beat-Club
    all shows - all stars - all songs
    publisher: Thorsten Schmidt
    Item #: B095
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  • Jimi Hendrix auf Fehmarn
    his last concert on September 6, 1970
    published by Thorsten Schmidt
    Item #: B096
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  • Let's spend the night together
    The Rolling Stones in Hamburg und Bremen - by Thorsten Schmidt
    Item #: B097
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  • Ein Name wie Musik
    Polydor-Singles, Germany 1953 - 1970, by Manfred Günther and Günter Lotz
    Item #: B093
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  • Stars & Bikes
    Prominents and and their motorcycles
    Editor Mariarosaria Tagliaferri
    Item #: B033
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  • Stars & Bikes
    Prominents and and their motorcycles
    Editor Mariarosaria Tagliaferri
    Item #: B034
    Cart deactivated
  • Rock & Pop 45s Price Catalogue 2018
    Extensive reference guide for single-record collectors
    24th edition, called "The Vinyl Bible"
    Item #: B090
    Cart deactivated
  • Rock & Pop LP/CD Price Catalogue 2017
    Extensive reference guide for LP- and CD collectors
    Item #: B091
    Cart deactivated
  • Rock & Pop Price Guide for music magazines
    Extensive reference for collectors - incl. "50 years of BRAVO"
    Item #: B092
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