The Jukebox-Archive offers information, data, worth knowing and entertaining details about jukeboxes and accessories produced worldwide: Photos, manufacturers, years of production, background, specifications, technical data, frequently asked questions (FAQ - sorry, only in German), and more. Furthermore, regardless of model and manufacturers, subjects concerning jukeboxes are given next to short articles about jukebox history and the term "jukebox". Take a look and enjoy!

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Worth knowing about the Jukebox-Archive

The Jukebox-Archive was set up over many years, is (still) not completed yet and gets amended continuously. It gets maintained as a free service by us, but other jukebox enthusiasts, collectors and dealers worldwide support and provide photos and information. All given data do not reserve the right for being either correct or complete, and errors are most likely.


Please help to protect the Jukebox-Archive by respecting copyright. In case of need, please get in touch with us in advance. Thank you!

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