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What have plush toys and jukeboxes in common?

Good question.

The answer isn't easy and not difficult either: "Nothing on one side - a lot on the other."

Both, jukeboxes and plush toys are beautiful. They bring joy. You can collect them, be proud of them, show them to friends, and share the joy. They distract but point to the essential as well.

Steiff Stofftier Fynn
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Jukeboxes did influence culture for many decades. It was impossible to imagine daily life without them. Even in dreary times, jukeboxes brought colourful entertainment and allowed people to dream. They belonged to every location like tables and seats and did characterize generations of old and young.
Plush toys provide security and solace to children. They are real companions through every days life.
Stuffed animals are emotional fellows for our children and mean more than just being a toy:
They are true friends, and this often lifelong.

Jukeboxes and plush toys can make great gifts.
Some man and woman like to buy jukeboxes for themselves, sometimes he gives her or she gives him a jukebox.
Same thing with plush animals.
Give your wife, girl friend, mother, daughter, sister, mother in law or colleague an animal to cuddle.
Give your husband, father, uncle, son, grandson or friend a Kösen or Steiff toy.
Give a present to a beloved one, (not yet) plush-animal enthusiast or to a grown-up child.
Or just simply make yourself a gift!

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Koesen plush toys made in Germany Bad Koesen

In any case you will make a child happy: Plush-Toys for a good cause!

Once a year the proceeds from the sales of the Kösen and Steiff animals get donated to a child aid foundation. That way you will give joy twice when you buy a Kösen animal. At the end of the year every customer who has bought a plush animal will get a note about the donation-total and information about the charity organisation. This is what could be done during the last years:
Trauerland e.V., Bremen and Parents Initiative for Children with Cancer: Donations in 2015
Peace Village International: Donations in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024.
We will continue to support them. And following the motto by famous writer Erich Kästner "There is nothing good unless someone does it" we also took over the educational sponsorship for the lessons "Sustainable Agriculture" and another one for "Health" at the school "College Les Pigeons" in Talata, Antisrabé in Madagascar. This is a privat organised school which offers education for children from poor families, and as well even a real house to live for some street children. All this is worth to support too, isn't it? And you are helping us. Have a look.
College Les Pigeons: Donations in in 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023.
"Aktion Deutschland Hilft" to support people of Ukraine: € 1700

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We promise: We stay on the ball with jukebox parts. And at the same time we like to take part of the responsibility for our children in a difficult life situation. Children mean future to all of us.
That's why we added the Koesen and Steiff plush animals to our assortement: To collect money for a children charity organisation.
Being elaborated hand-made items it's a pleasure to offer and promote these lovely plush animals. There are humans behind each animal who design and create them. Each animal is individual and not part of a mass-production.

About Kösen: For more than 20 years the German toy manufacturer "Kösen" produces lifelike high quality soft toys, fairy-tale characters and textile dolls. Among experts, collectors, and enthusiasts, the collection of plush animals is known to be one of the best in the world. Many animals received design awards and have been awarded "Spiel Gut" destinction.
20 years with a tradition of 100 years – how does this match each other? In 1912 Käthe Kruse founded her first workshop for dolls in Bad Kösen. WW II, expropriation and the turnover into a VEB (state-owned) enterprise did bring great changes and Kathe Kruse left Bad Kösen for Western Germany in 1951. Firstly the production of Käthe Kruse-styled dolls remained in the old factory but a few years later plush stuffed animals became the main focus. After the reunion of East and West Germany the Kösen manufacturer produced in commission of Steiff, but was threatened for being closed. In 1992 Helmut Schache took over the Kösen manufacturer which is continued by his daughter Constance Schache until today.
Of course all stuffed animals fulfill the European safety regulation EN71 and are certificated with CE. This gets verified regularly by technical inspections. But already when choosing the material, it is ensured that the faux fur is without any harmful content. All soft toys can be washed at 30°C.
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About Steiff: Magarete Steiff, born in 1847, founded her own manufacture for producing clothes and household items after becoming a professional dressmaker. It is not only remarkable being a woman but more since Margarete suffered from polio at the age of 18 months. Her legs were paralysed and moving the the right arm was painful. A cutting pattern of a small elephant as a cushion for needles did inspire her, but it found more attraction to children as a toy. This elephant became the base for producing stuffed toys. In 1902 the first teddy bear with moveable joints got developped and presented on the toy fair in Leipzig. This is when the worldwide career of the teddy bear started. Two years later the trademark "Button in Ear" was born and remains until today.
Of course all stuffed toys fulfill the European safety regulation EN71 and are certificated with CE. This gets verified by technical inspections regularly. But already when choosing the material, it is ensured that the faux fur is without any harmful content. All soft toys can be washed at 30°C.
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It still remains: Quality Made in Germany!

Plush toys for a good cause - follow the logos to learn more.

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