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On this site we like to give you some German and international links for surfing the internet - not only for jukeboxes.


Danish Jukebox Archive
Danish Jukebox-Archive
Jukebox-History by Gert Almind

Deltasblues - Jukejoints

Juke-Joints in Southern USA
(only available in archive anylonger)

Jukebox Miniaturen
Miniature and
Toy Jukeboxes

BAL-AMI Jukebox Musikbox
JJ's BAL-AMI Jukebox Page

Ditchburn Music Maker
The History of Ditchburn

The all Australian designed and made Jukebox

Jukebox, radio, record player repair
also OMT
Daniel Reuß
Specialist (not only) for NSM repairs
Jukebox Services
Juke Box Services
original spares, GB

Rental, Service, Repair, Buy & Sell

German vintage jukebox rental service

Jukebox repair in Japan

An enthusiastic collector, Luxembourg

Professional restoration of jukeboxes

Gaspump Garage
Restoration, repairs in Spain

Neons, jukeboxes, repairs in UK

Collection, gameroom, service et plus
en France

Jukeboxes, gas pumps, memorabilia

Jukeboxes - pinballs - gas pumps

Jukeboxes, pinballs, rentals
Wallbox to mp3
Turn your wallbox into a jukebox
Private collection
Restoration - Rental - Advice



The first and only
German union for jukeboxes

Association for Norwegians
infested by the Jukebox Virus
Jukebox Club Schweiz
First Swiss club



Museums & exhibitions
Privatsammlung Jacobi
Deutsches Automatenmuseum Sammlung gauselmann Rundfunkmuseum Stadt Fürth
Rundfunkmuseum Fürth
Radios, valves, jukeboxes and more
Klang- Maschinen Museum in der Seidenfabrik Dürnten
the whole range of mechanical musical instruments up to jukeboxes

Automatic music machines, Switzerland
Jukebox - Salon
over 100 jukeboxes from 1948 - 1990s
in Austria

Mechanical Music Museum, Finland
Terra Technica
The world largest jukebox museum

Revelstoke Nickelodeon Museum
Canada's only mechanical music museum

 Broadcast museum
Juke-Box, tube radios & Co.
GDR jukeboxes, radios and more
private Museum
Jukeboxes, scooter, cinema, film & design


Music and more

Colletctables about film and music, UK

7", 10", 12" - 33, 45 and 78 rpm
Dubplate, F
7", 10", 12" - 33 and 45 rpm
Jukebox-Cuts, UK
7"and 10" - 45 and 78 rpm
 Dr. Dub Vinyl Schneiden
Vinyl recording service - dubplates - pressings


Coin ops and pinballs

Candy and gumball machines and more

Swiss pinball site

Arcade and vending machines
Pindigi - Pinballs and Jukeboxes
A collection in Austria

Note: The carefully chosen and given links refer to jukebox related sites offering interesting information.
In case you will find any illegal or questionable content on one of those sites, please let us know. Thank you!

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