Serial Numbers

Once in a while the serial number of a jukebox, wallbox, speaker or other accessory becomes important: It can be helpful to identify the year of production, gives an idea of the output figures, different versions of a model, or helps to find out about the correct schematic, etc.
Serial numbers can help in finding out about early and late versions of certain models.

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The model ID and serial number are normally stamped or printed on the ID-plate which is often mounted on the back of the cabinet.
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Please note:

Some jukeboxes had been built under license (e.g. by Husemann, NOVA, Löwen or Ditchburn) and got new serial numbers. These companies are listed in their countries only.

Examples of ID plates

Note: The red dots indicate the necessary information.

NOVA 424 Typenschild
NOVA Hideaway 424H

Wurlitzer 320 Typenschild
Wurlitzer 320 - Wallbox


Deutsche Wurlitzer Lyric Typenschild
 Deutsche Wurlitzer Lyric
Husemann Wurlitzer 2000 Typenschild
W2000 by Husemann
  Typenschild Husemann Wurlitzer 1800W1800 by Husemann   Typenschild Wurlitzer 2000
Wurlitzer 2000
Typenschild Seeburg 222
Seeburg 222-D by Löwen-Automaten
  Typenschild Seeburg 3W1
Seeburg, 3W1 - Wallbox
  Typenschild Tonomat V102
Tonomat V-102
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