Our forum offers a platform for technical issues, problems and hints as well as for questions in general and experiences regarding jukeboxes and accessories. Though it is mainly kept in German, we like to encourage you to place your post as well. Most user are able to read and answer in English. Join the forum for jukeboxes of various manufacturers like Wurlitzer, Seeburg, NSM, Rock-Ola, AMI, Rowe, Bergmann, Harting, Electro-Kicker resp. Jupiter, BAL-AMI, Wiegandt, Tonomat, Eltec, and others. Read, discuss, offer and get valuable tips and solutions or any answers to (your) questions.

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Note: It is most helpful to give the exact model type of your jukebox, not just a name like "Lyric" or "Seeburg 160". Usually the ID plate can be found on the back of your jukebox (link opens in a new window, sorry, explanation is given in German only).
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